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Biotech Plantations

Biotech Plantations aims to be one of the largest coconut producers in Malaysia. In an industry where Malaysia ranks in the top 10 of world producers and importers of coconuts, the market provides a clear opportunity for Biotech.

Coconut has never been more in demand and at a time where a majority of coconut palms in major producing countries are ageing and productivity is dropping. The future will see a critical need to plant new coconut palms to replace these ageing palms to keep up the ever-growing demand, from coconut water and oil, a key ingredient in the new expanding plant-based meat products.

Biotech Plantations will initially supply coconuts to various wholesalers and manufacturers, with future plans including developing its own brand and establishing production facilities to manufacture coconut products for the local and international markets.

While coconut is the current main crop of Biotech Plantations, the new plantations allow for intercropping and production of other food crops, notably pineapple, papaya and banana, for the local and export markets.

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Our Plantations


Biotech Plantation’s Pahang 1 Coconut Plantation is located in Rompin, a district in the South-eastern corner of Pahang, Malaysia.

The district covers an area of 5,296 km and is located 130 kilometres from Kuantan, the capital city of Pahang. The main town is Kuala Rompin and another town located in the district is Bandar Muadzam Shah. The main tourist attraction in Rompin is the island resort of Tioman Island, and the area is well known for its agriculture and fishing.

The Pahang 1 Coconut Plantation has the Pandan, Matag and Malaysian Yellow Dwarf variety of coconut, and can produce up to 30,000 coconuts per hectare.